lördag 9 juni 2012

A layout!


I have created a layout for "Lillblomman Skissar" who have a wonderful sketch to follow! I wasn´t going to do any layouts, I am 99 procent cardmaker! :) But when I saw this sketch I just had to follow it! I know I had some paper with train on, which would be perfect for this layout when me and my daughter goes with the train called "Lille Putte tåget". It means the little little train. :) She was sooo scared the whole time, poor thing. But when she crawled up in my knee she feelt a little more secure (=trust ticket from TH was ment for this action)! I showed her the picture now one year later and she said she wouldn´t be scared this year if we took another ride! So I think we need to have another go! It is my fiance who has taken the picture. It is rare, I do almost all photo shots in our family, so it is fun to see I have participated in an event!!

I decided to have no flowers!! Woho! Feelt strange but really fresh!
And I let the train paper and the photo decide which colors to use next. The stamps used are all from TH.
The result is:

I would like to participate in:

Lillblomman skissar: Juni skisstävling

Hugs Sandra

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oooo how adorable =)) Really sweet image and the page is beautifully put together! Those are such precious moments and the page is a great souvenir =)
    I love the "trust" ticket =D



  3. Oj vad glad man blir av att få läsa detta! Det är precis det man vill när man ritar skisser, att ngn blr sååå inspirerad att man vill skapa:) Och en jättefin sida har du gjort också! Tack för att du ville vara med! Kram!

  4. wow, your layout is so wonderful. I don't dare to make one, I'm scared that I will not be good at it... Really beautiful, you should do more!! And I hope that your little girl will have another ride and enjoy it this time LOL...maybe she can take a piccie of you and your fiancé ;o))
    Big hugs, Alessandra