torsdag 13 juni 2013

Make it Crafty coloring contest


Have you seen there is a coloring contest over at Make it Crafty? Well, that is the kind of contest I just can´t get my hands off! Even tho I might not have much time for cardmaking and coloring these days, I just had to take me some time! 3 (woot?) cards is the result. Let´s start from the begining.

I needed to take the easy challenge first, to warm up. I just colored and wasn´t really thinking when creating her hair. But that would change in the second card which is...

This card for the second contest. It is the medium advanced contest where we should make fine lines. And I had to focus on this one.

And instead of trying out the difficult challenge I wanted to play some with colors after focusing so much on Anastasia. This is the result. :)

And close up of the one I am most pleased with:

Hugs Lotta

6 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous cards, Lotta. I wish I had your colouring talents. Totally awesome! I love your favourite one too but the other 2 are of the same quality.
    Michaela xx

  2. WOOW WOOW såå fantastiskt färglagda, blir ju alldeles stum.
    Jag älskar ju den med rosa och gult, älskar ju massa färger och blir ju så glader av den :)


  3. Du är urduktig på att färglägga - bara så snyggt!

  4. Jag bara älskar den som går i rosa och orange!!
    Och snyggt färglagt är alltihop så klart :)

  5. That is s whole lot of fabulous coloring in one blog post!!! Love these three beautiful cards! It looks like it was a fun contest!